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Waterman 44 Red Ripple 1923

Pen: Waterman 44 Type: Eyedropper filling safety pen Material: Red Rippled Ebonite Weight: 20g Nib: Waterman ideal 14 ct Gold flex Ink: Noodler’s Heart of Darkness Paper:…


Esterbrooke ‘LJ’ Pen 1950’s

Pen: Esterbrooke LJ series pen Type: Vintage lever filler Material: Red marbled plastic with chrome trim Weight: 12g Nib: Esterbrooke 9788 Nib, which stands for Flexible Medium…


Retro 51 Scriptmaster II Tortoise

  Pen: Retro 51 Scriptmaster II in Tortoise finish Type: Cartridge/Converter (International) Material: my guess is Celluloid Weight: 27g Nib: Large steel Fine nib Ink: De Atramantis…

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