october rust…



and one day the telephone rang…

– Hello?

– ahoy hoy!

– uhmmm who is it?

– oh, it’s me :) (off course the smile is invisible but it is said that one can sense it in the voice of the speaker)

– Oh Hey! Where are you calling from?

– i’m at a pay phone somewhere in the old port.

– Oh, why are you using a pay phone, those still exist?

– nostalgia, i wanted to remember the feeling of being tethered to the limitation that the phone cord would allow…
having to remember the number and dial it, and then standing about a foot away from the calling device giving my undivided attention to the conversation at hand, spending hours on end talking undistracted by the world around me, nothing matters, the world can cease to exist, it’s only the conversation and the people partaking in it…

– You’re silly :) (another smile)

– yeah i guess i am.

– ….. that’ll be 15.73…. credit or debit….

– huh?

– Oh sorry, I’m just about to pay for something.

– ah…well i guess i’ll catch you later….

– Text me when you discover technology ;-)

– hehe maybe… cheers…

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