“The trick is to combine your waking rational abilities with the infinite possibilities of your dreams”…



So I met my dream guide this morning.
I knew he was my dream guide because he was the only one who spoke.

He said:
“Keep you dick in your pants or I’ll make all the boobs disappear”
“But we’re falling away from the ground” I thought to myself…..
Clouds rushing by, everything moving so fast, I’m awake everything seems so vivid, I’m dreaming…..

I haven’t woken up in my dreams in years, I can hardly remember the last time it happened……
Despite all the black and white pictures, all the colours are so bright.
We keep changing sceneries, it’s strange but it’s all happening so fast.
I forgot to ask him his name, he’s tall and grumpy looking, like some Doctor on a TV show…
Where are we going now,
I can hear the shower going, it must be time to get ready, time to wake up,
but isn’t it Thursday? He says that it is…
Slip back into the dream…

I would like to feed on the flowers in your brain, please invite me in….

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