Pelikan Souverän M1005 Demonstrator


Pen: Pelikan Souverän M1005 Demonstrator
Type: Piston filler
Material: Clear Acrylic body.
Weight: 39g fully inked
Nib: Giant 18kt Gold rhodium plated Fine  nib.
Ink: Pilot Iroshizuku 紫 式部 (Murasaki Shikibu aka Japanese Beautyberry, named after Lady Murasaki)
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g

The Pelikan Souverän line of pens are some of the most famous and most recognizable pens on the market. For the longest time I’ve delayed and avoided getting one, simply because…. well I wasn’t a fan of the design/colour/price of these pens. The model that was most interesting to me had always been the M1000 not only because of the size but because of the softness of the nib (notice the amount of line variation in the picture.) So as time came to pass I noticed the M1005 Demonstrator. Now THAT was a pen that I found interesting, nice rhodium trims, not to gaudy, and the demonstrator aspect was quite tempting. However there was the price……. So I ended up getting other wonderful demonstrators that have distracted me away from this pen….. But one day, I came across Azizah’s review of this pen and well, it got me into thinking about it all over again until I ended up getting at a great price from a German auction site….
Anyway that the background history is over, more about this pen. This pen is oh so smooth. Writing with a fine nib has never been this smooth (granted the fine on this nib is more like some Japanese Mediums even Broads). It reminds me of writing with the Waterman Carène, it’s a very particular experience. Very smooth and and soft paper it feels almost glassy. The pen requires no pressure at all to write, but with some pressure one can get amazing line variations. Don’t get me wrong, this is NOT a flex nib, I did go overboard with the writing sample, and I would not suggest pushing the pen to that limit as you are very well likely to spring the tines of the nib. However some light pressure will also give some wonderful line variations and will add some flourishes to your handwriting.
Another wonderful thing about this pen is the maintenance aspect, unlike other high-end German pen makers *cough*Mont-Blanc*cough* this pen is completely and easily disassembled. The nib and feed simply unscrew and come out as a single unit, and the piston mechanism is easily taken appart using a TWSBI Wrench… (okay so you do need a tool, but it’s something that most pen collectors have as most people have some sort of a TWSBI pen somewhere in there collection ;-)

All in all, this pen is great. It’s a lovely size, it has an awesome nib, and I enjoy this design over the classic model. The only downside remains the price, but that’s all subjective, and if you shop around you can get great deals, that’s how the story goes….

Cheers :-)


  • Bob Soltys

    Looks like a great pen indeed, now I’m going to have to see if John at still has one

  • Michel_de_Montreal

    I’ve been using it all week now, it does not disappoint :-)

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