Platinum #3776 Ginkgo Higo Zo-gan


Pen: Platinum #3776 Ginkgo Higo Zo-gan
Type: Cartridge converter (Proprietary)
Material: ABS & AS matte black resin / Iron center band with 24kt gold inlaid Ginkgo leaves
Weight: 24g (25g Inked)
Nib: Broad 14kt gold nib
Ink: Pilot Iroshizuku 稲穂 (Ina-Ho – aka Rice ear)
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g

Beautiful pen. The matte black barrel is wonderful to the touch. This pen has very different type of matting, as can be seen in the pictures the pen is riddled with very fine hairlines that make it matte. The nib is a fantastic broad and wet nib. Same nib that can be found on most Platinum pens. Extremely smooth but not butter like the Waterman Carène. All nibs on model 3776 pens are interchangeable, so even though this pen comes only in Fine, Medium or Broad one can easily install a Music nib on this pen.

So what makes this pen, asides from the matte finish, is the hand crafted center band. It uses Higo Zo-gan art. (Japanese swords/ Katana had beautiful hand guards, also known as Tsuba. The Tsuba needs devotion and skill craftsmanship of its maker) Veteran tsuba designer Mr. Kōsuke has exclusively made this pen’s gold cuts for Platinum. Mr. Kōsuke’s family is highly valued as a top class Higo-Zo-Gan artist among only few still alive in Japan. “Higo-zo-gan” with solid and elegant taste is a real gem that gathers black beauty of the iron base, originated from natural rust, gorgeous pure gold Ginkgo leaf ornaments and skilled craftsmanship. (A Sakura version of this pen exists)

Literately, Zo-gan can be compared with Inlaying. This technique came to Japan from Middle East through Silk Road during 14th century. Then with the passage of time, Japanese craftsmen gave it highest perfection and changed to current form at the beginning of 16th century. Among Zo-gan art, Higo-zo-gan has the longest and most colorful history over 400 years.

All in all, gorgeous pen, wonderful writer with wonderful history behind it :-)

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