Franklin-Christoph Model 33 Abditus (Clipless)

Pen: Franklin-Christoph Model 33 Abditus (Clipless)
Type: Cartridge/Converter (International)
Material: Acrylic
Weight: 29g (12g for the pen without the cap)
Nib: Small (#6) Broad Stub Steel (by Mike Masuyama)
Ink: J. Herbin, Terre de Feu
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g

Winner of the 2012 PenWorld Reader’s Choice Award for Distinctive Writer!  Congratulations to the Franklin-Christoph team for such a great pen. I’ve been eyeing this pen since it came out in 2012 actually, but never made the leap to buying it… the only thing stopping me was the clip…. Nothing wrong with it, but I’m not a big fan of clips, so one day I decided to e-mail Scott Franklin to see if I could get this pen without the clip. I figured there’s no harm in asking, and then just about a month later…. here it is! the Abditus in Clipless.
Abditus means hidden or concealed in Latin and it’s very appropriate as the pen completely disappears into the cap. I find that to be a great design, might not be for everybody, but it is quite lovely and classy. The pen capped is quite large, much larger then the Ahab, I’d say on par with the MB 149. However uncapped it is the exact same size as the uncapped Ahab, so all in all, quite a comfortable pen to write with. There is no distinction between the barrel of the pen and the section, it’s simply long and smooth and allows the writer to hold the pen wherever you want and for those who worry about slippage…. none whatsoever. Fantastic pen, and a great writer. The Broad Stub nib is tuned and prepared by Nibmeister Mike Masuyama and he’s done quite the amazing job. This stub is quite crisp, but not as crisp as the Italic that is offered also by F-C. For those of you not used to writing with a stub it take a bit of getting used to, or simply go with any of the other options offered.

I really like this pen, and thanks for the excellent customer service provided by the whole Franklin-Christoph team.

Cheers :-)

  • Mike

    Nice review of this cool pen. How do you fill these? I also got a broad stub on my first FC pen, and it’s pretty awesome.

  • Michel_de_Montreal

    Thanks for stopping by Mike. Yeah FC’s nibs are quite amazing :-)
    This pen uses a standard international converter, just open it up, dip it in the ink bottle and fill it like you would any other converter pen :-)
    Hope this helps.
    I also have a video review of this pen on my youtube channel:

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