Pilot ジャスタス (Justus)

Pen: Pilot Justus (Original)
Type: Cartridge converter (Proprietary)
Material: Black resin
Weight: 19g
Nib: 14kt gold adjustable fine nib (equivalent to Extra-Fine)
Ink: Visconti Turquoise
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g

The famous Pilot Justus has returned and rechristened Justus 95. 
Well, today I will be talking about the original pen, which is quite different from the re-release in shape and size, but uses, to all intents and purposes, the exact same nib. So in other words, the same writing experience. This pen is quite amazing, marked H 979 (Hiratsuka September 1979) it writes as if it was fresh out of the factory. The smoothness on this fine nib is quite remarquable.  I’m not one for using fine nibs in general, but I’ve been enjoying writing with this pen quite a bit, changing the flexibility here and there to add a little touch of line variation when possible. This is the desirable aspect of this nib. The gold overfeed like contraption that is on the nib retracts to give the nib a bit of softness to it. Now don’t go confusing this with a flex nib, by no means does this compare to vintage or modern flex pens, as you can see in the pictures, it’s more to give the pen a soft feel when pressing down on the page and to provide some line variations.
I’ve added my Pilot Custom Heritage 912 in the pictures to provide a size/shape comparison between the Original Justus and the 95 re-release (as it is identical in dimensions ) but for a more detailed comparison I would invite you to visit Bruno Taut’s entry Justus Again and Adjustable which compares the original Justus to the Wahl-Eversharp model with a similar style nib.

All in all, this is a very nice, classy pen with nice ridges that run all along the length of the barrel which are quite pleasant to the touch. The nib is great and the feed keeps up well (as long as you don’t go crazy on the flexing, see picture)

Fantastic pen, thanks again Steve for this unique pen :-)

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