Aurora Ottantotto Demonstrator Nera

Pen: Aurora 88 Black Demonstrator (351/888)
Type: Piston filler
Material: Plexiglass
Weight: 28g
Nib: Broad 18kt gold in matte black
Ink: Aurora black
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g

More Italian pens… What can I say about this pen, it’s absolutely beautiful, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;-). Many ppl don’t like Black trims and black nibs, or demonstrators. I for one find them quite delightful. The darkness of the trims is quite interesting as well, usually one does not find this type of matte black on the trims or the nib, so it does give the pen a lovely effect. The pen is not an obscenely large one, therefore it is quite a fantastic pen for long writing session. The nib is not super wet, but it’s not very dry either, again quite perfect for long writing sessions, and it is nice and smooth but not glassy, it does have nice feedback to it, almost like writing with a felt tip pen. All in all, this pen is a great pen, with possibly one downside……. the price……. I happened to be lucky enough to get it for but a fraction of the asked price, so it is unfortunate that it’s not accessible to most. It is somewhat understandable though since it is a limited edition numbered pen, made with plexiglass, 18kt gold ebonite feed, all made in house. So comparing it to other pen companies such as MB who makes its nibs as well but does not use Ebonite feeds, this pen is more affordable. Delta sometimes does have ebonite feeds, but the nibs are outsourced to Bock, so I guess it is all relative…. anyway it is a lovely writer, great size for everyday long writing sessions, very nice weight to it, and pleasant to look at. I’m quite satisfied with this pen. I highly recommend it if you’re willing to pay the price, OR if you can get a great deal on it…. up to you to define what great deal is ;-)

  • Justin Montanino

    Care to share how you got such a great deal? :)

  • Michel_de_Montreal

    Sure, e-bay seller Italianpens, they also have a website,, but I happened across the e-bay bid for this pen and I was the only person to bid, so I got quite lucky :-)

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