Delta Dolcevita Gray Shadow Demonstrator… LE


Pen: Delta Dolcevita Stantuffo Gray Shadow, etc
Type: Stantuffo filler (Delta piston filler)
Material: Acrylic body with Ruthenium plated sterling silver trims
Weight: 39g fully inked
Nib: #8 Oversize 14kt ruthenium plated gold Stub nib.
Ink: Pilot Iroshizuku 竹炭 (Take-sumi aka Bamboo Charcoal)
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g

This is quite the impressive pen.  It’s as the name would suggest it, based on the Dolcevita design. It has the same size as the standard Dolcevita pen, but uses the #8 nib of the oversized model. This nib Dwarfs all of my other nibs, it’s quite impressive and looks great on the section of this pen. This happens to be a pen made by Delta, designed by Chatterly pens to be sold exclusively at Pentime. The nib is a factory stub and offers some wonderful line variations between the cross stroke and the down stroke. It is fantastically smooth as with all Delta nibs that I’ve tried so far and boy is it ever wet. The ebonite feed on this pen is terrific, it provides nib with a constant and regular flow of ink, no matter how fast your writing is, this pen will keep up. The filling mechanism on this pen is quite interesting, unlike most piston fillers, you have to leave the nib submerged in the ink for about 5 seconds after having operated the piston. At first you might think that the pen doesn’t draw up a whole lot of ink, but if you leave it in, the vacum it creates keeps drawing the ink in until the reservoir is completely filled providing you with quite the ink capacity :-). As for the weight and size, well it’s not a light pen, but definitely not the heaviest either. Over all it is lighter then the Visconti HS, but when uncapped it’s actually slightly heavier. Not a choice pen for those who like them small, but quite nice for those who enjoy larger pens. The only downside in this pen might be the price… do keep in mind though that it is a limited edition of 48 pens worldwide. Here’s a little secret, Bryant does have an e-bay channel and you can sometimes find this pen for a better deal then on the website ;-)


  • Anthony Chuang

    H. Love this pen. Any chance you might consider selling it?

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