Sailor Professional Gear / Imperial Black


Pen: Sailor PG Imperial Black
Type: Cartridge converter (Proprietary)
Material: PMMA resin aka Poly Methyl Metacrylate + Ion Plated black Hardware
Weight: 26g
Nib: Large sized 21kt gold Broad nib. Closer to a western Medium nib.
Ink: Pilot Iroshizuku 月夜 (tsuki-yo aka moonlight)
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g

What can I add? I truly love Sailor Fountain Pens. They make beautiful classy pens that are simply a pleasure to write with. This pen is quite the beauty, when it cames to black pens, this one takes the cake, every bit of it is solid black, the matte black finish on the pen body is wonderful and pleasant to the touch. It is even darker then the regular sailor matte black pens as you can probably see in the pictures. This is my first Broad nib on a sailor pen, and boy is it smooth. It’s not as broad as some might like it, but it provides continuous smooth writing. The nib is not glassy smooth, so it doesn’t skip on really soft paper. It’s hard to describe how much fun one gets from using a Sailor fountain pen. This is by far my favourite pen maker. Great writing instrument, very classy pen design, and amazingly easy to take appart and clean, usually pens makers in this caliber of pens, make it difficult to take their pens appart, but Japanese pen makers understand the need of having an easily serviceable pen.

Love this pen (^_^)vImperial Black


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