Pilot Myu 701

Pen: Pilot Myu 701 – H1071
Type: Cartridge converter (Proprietary)
Material: Metal
Weight: 22g
Nib:Integrated steel section nib thing, in Fine (equivalent to Extra-Fine)
Ink: Diamine Eclipse
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g

Such a cute little pen. This pen is really quite nice, small, rugged and an amazing writer. Hard to believe that it’s 42 years old(the H 1071 indicates that it was produced at the Hiratsuka plant in October of 1971). Since it is a Pocket Pen, it’s quite small but when posting it, it turns out to be a very nice size, perfect for everyday writing. The fine nib on this pen is surprisingly smooth, don’t get me wrong it’s not buttery smooth like a broad nib, but it doesn’t catch on the paper creating an annoying sensation of scratchy-ness that some other pens do. I’m usually not one for using fine nibbed pens, but this pen is a real beauty and I couldn’t pass up on such a great deal.

Fantastic pen, thank you Steve for this classic timeless classic :-)

  • http://estilofilos.blogspot.jp/ Bruno Taut

    I am happy to see you like this Pilot. In my opinion, but you might
    already know this, the Pilot Myu is responsible for the current
    popularity of Japanese fountain pens.

    I would love to get in touch with you.

    Thanks fore keeping your blog active and updated.


  • Michel_de_Montreal

    Thank You Bruno, I’m a big fan of your blog :-)
    best way to reach me would be via Google+ or e-mail: carrion.child@gmail.com

    Cheers :-)

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