Jinhao Great Wall of China

Pen: Jinhao Great Wall of China
Type: Cartridge / Converter (international)
Material: Metallic pen, probably brass
Weight: 47g
Nib: Jinhao 14K Gold Dragon nib, it’s a small medium writing nib
Ink: Noodler’s 秦始皇  (Qin Shi Huang), written on the Bottle: (始皇帝: Shǐ Huángdì)
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g

On this first day, the year of the Serpent (or snake), I’d like to introduce this lovely Jinhao pen that commemorates the Great Wall of China and what better ink to use in it, then Noodler’s new ink that commemorates the First Emperor of China who was responsible for building the Great Wall.

This pen happens to also have a 14k gold nib, one of the few and hard to find nibs on Jinhao pens. It has the same shape and size as the nib on the Wu Song pen and the noblest black pen. It is equally as smooth and a wonderfully wet writing instrument, and on top of it all it’s also nice and soft due to the nature of the gold material :-).

This pen is nicely balanced and has a good heft to it and a very nice size as well. The feed keeps up well, I’ve not had any skipping whatsoever with this pen, really worth checking out. Again it performs the same as the previous 2 Jinhao pens I’ve reviewed, just has the extra softness of the gold nib. If you can find this pen, it’s worth picking up and if not you can enjoy one of the other two that are fairly common.

Note, not all Jinhao Great Wall of China pens have this gold nib.

Oh, and Happy New Year to everybody :-)


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