TWSBI Vac 700 Revisited / Clear


Pen: TWSBI Vac 700 Clear
Type: Vacuum filler
Material: TWSBI’s hard plastic
Weight: 35g with a full barrel of ink
Nib: New JoWo Broad nib & 1.5mm JoWo Stub
Ink: Noodler’s Gruene Cactus Eel
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g
Ink Bottle: TWSBI Vac 20

Revisiting the TWSBI Vac 700 in clear, this pen is brilliant. I love the original Vac 700 and I like this one even more! The new JoWo nib is even smoother then the bock nib, actually writes like a real Broad (note the comparison in the written sample) AND is much wetter. It’s comparable to the Franklin-Christoph Broad nib….. well understandably so, since they’re also JoWo nibs ;)
The stub nib is really fun to use, quite broad for a daily writer, but it’s not too crazy, I’ve been using it allot at work and it works just fine. And for those who want to practice Blackletter scrip and Gothic script, it’s very nice nib to do so.
As for the Vac 20 ink well, well it’s a fun little portable bottle that allows you to fill the pen barrel completely…. However you still have to do 2 strokes to fill it, but it’s not as tricky or messy anymore….. the pen simply screws in place and voila you have a fully sealed system ready to fill the pen. It’s a neet little design.
Overall I’m happy with both my Vac pens, I use the drier one when I don’t have much time to wait on the ink to dry, and the other one, when I want to write letters to people, as for the stub it’s a fun nib to have, I mostly use that one actually and only switch to the broad nib when the writing needs to be smaller….

Great pen, Well done TWSBI :-)

  • Bruno Taut

    Is there any visual difference between the old Bock and the new JoWo nibs?



  • Michel_de_Montreal

    They look to me practically identical, the only discernable difference is that the nib size seems to be written on the side of the nib for the Bock, where as for the JoWo it’s right underneath the TWSBI logo :-)

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