Delta Indigenous People; Ainu

Pen: Delta Indigenous People, Ainu 1K (Prototype)
Type: Cartridge / Converter (international)
Material: Resin + Silver trims
Weight: 34g
Nib: 18Kt Gold rhodium plated Medium nib
Ink: Sailor Jentle Grenade
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g

My first delta pen, and well….. it’s pretty sweet! Very nice pen, nice weight, nice size and really nice colours. It’s not often that the world hears about the Ainu people, and here we have them being commemorated in a fountain pen. Delta even modeled the colours of the pen to those used in the unofficial flag of the Ainu People. The clip has a Nipopo doll in relief on it, and the nib is engraved with the Shitoki medallion found on the Tamasai necklaces the women wear. Very nicely designed Delta.
As for the pen….. well it’s a very nice nib, gives a bit of feedback but nothing annoying, still smoother then your average pen. It’s not as wet of a pen as I’d like it to be, but it’s not a dry pen either it’s actually perfect for everyday writing and quick dry time.
These Ainu pens are a Limited Edition to 1643 pens per model (there is another model that is lever filling with vermeil trims), this pen however happens to be the original Prototype (un-numbered) pen.
The number 1643 represents the year Dutch cartographer Maarten Gerritsz Vries first encountered the Ainu people.

Love this pen :-)

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