Jinhao 1008 Noblest Black


Pen: Jinhao 1008 Noblest Black
Type: Cartridge / Converter (international)
Material: Metallic pen, probably brass
Weight: 45g
Nib: Jinhao 18KGP Dragon nib, it’s a small medium writing nib
Ink: Diamine Ox Blood
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g

This Jinhao, like most of them is quite the heavy pen, but no where as heavy as the Wu Song pen…. This one is pretty much the same exact pen without the pewter overlay. You can also find some version of this pen with an abalone plating of some sort on the barrel. This makes for a nice and classy black pen, less noticeable then the Wu Song version. It has a good size and some noticeable heft to it. Again if you like light pens, this one is not for you, but it’s crazy heavy either :-). The nib and the feed on this pen are amazing, for a $10 pen it really does outperform allot of more expensive pens in the same range. These are probably the best Jinhao pens I’ve tried so far, much smoother then the 159 and no skipping whatsoever.  Very reliable, very discrete and classy pen.
Oh by the way, when I say smooth I’m comparing it to pens in the same range, it does over some feedback, it’s not like writing with the Waterman Carène, but it is still a pleasure to write with :-)
Wonderful starter pen, easy to maintain and clean, sturdy, and you get a great pen for what you pay for. :-)

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