Parker Jotter


Pen: Parker Jotter
Type: Cartridge converter (Proprietary) / Converted into an eye dropper filler pen
Material: Plastic body with Metal cap
Weight: 1og inked up
Nib: Small stainless steel Medium nib
Ink: Noodler’s Manjiro Nakahama aka Whaleman’s Sepia
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g

This pen impressed me from the start.  The shape of the nib made me think this was going to be a nice and smooth pen. Although it’s light and small and tiny, it is beyond a doubt one impressive pen! I have as of yet not had a single pen work properly with Noodler’s Manjiro Nakahama ink…. I really like this ink, I love the colour and everything, but as allot of you know, it is ridiculously dry. And very few pens have written well with it. This Jotter however proved to be INSANELY smooth and…. yes WET…. with this ink…… I love it! :)

This goes to show that you really don’t need an expensive pen to have a pleasurable writing experience….. if you have a bottle of dry ink like this one, or even the Kung Te Cheng I suggest picking up one of these little Jotters and write up a storm :)

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