Sailor 1911 Profit FL


Pen: Sailor 1911 Profit FL full size black matte etc, etc,
Type: Cartridge converter (Proprietary)
Material: PMMA resin aka Poly Methyl Metacrylate and a metal grip section.
Weight: 3og
Nib: Large sized 21kt gold Medium. Closer to Fine then it is to medium.
Ink: Diamine Eclipse
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g

I’ve said all I’ve had to say about these pens!
This one however is a bit different. Besides having a really nice finish. -the matte and the chrome trims go really well together- the extra weight in the grip section makes for a really interesting  feeling. Having the weight all towards the nib is a new sensation, it’s like the pen wants to write by itself. now this sense of balance is supposed to help or facilitate with long writing sessions, i’ve not tested this theory out but I can see how it would prove true.

A real pleasure to write with, I think Sailor makes some of my favourite pens out there…. And I’ve yet to try the famous specialty nibs…….. some day…. one day….. ’till then I’ll be more then enjoying these pens…. :)

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