Sailor 1911 21kt Zoom


Pen: Sailor 1911 Full-size
Type: Cartridge converter (Proprietary)
Material: PMMA resin aka Poly Methyl Metacrylate.
Weight: 25g
Nib: large sized 21kt gold zoom nib.
Ink: Diamine Teal
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g

This is a great pen, I have a weakness for Sailor pens. Wonderful craftsman ship and AMAZING NIBS. I’ve never seen or tried a sailor nib that was scratchy in the least bit, it is like using a metallic brush on paper, smooth, soft, flows perfectly. No skipping, not dry, not anything that is bad!
This nib in particular is one of those multi-angle-line-variation nibs. It is much more affordable then the Nagahara and Naginata specialty nibs, but it gives you a little taste of heaven! The pen is of a nice size, fits well in large hands ;)
Any Sailor 1911 pen is amazing, if you want to invest in wonderful writing instrument without necessarily breaking the bank (you can break it if you want to, but you don’t have to), look around for the 1911 pens, I highly recommend them!

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